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Tips to Keep Your Family Safe in This Ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic 

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Now that the spread of coronavirus is still prevalent, everyone must take the needed safety precautions to keep it from spreading even more. If you do so, you’ll be able to keep your loved ones and family safe always. Based on the data from CDC, the key to preventing illness is to prevent from getting exposed to the virus.  

Make a plan 

Come up with a plan on how to deal with someone should they get sick or be exposed to the coronavirus. Be ready to remain in place and restrict your travel unless you go out to have medical care. 

Mask appropriately 

Make sure to adhere to the latest CDC guidelines on when facemasks should be worn. Also, you should have spare medical-grade masks especially if you go to a healthcare facility. 

Wash your facemask 

After your shift, don’t forget to clean your cloth facemask by handwashing it with hot water and soap or put it in the laundry. Roll or wring it out tightly in a towel before you air-dry it if you do not own a dryer. This is advantageous as heat can help kill coronaviruses. Hence, see to it that you use hot water as you wash it.  

Shoes and coats 

As soon as you reach your house from the hospital, it’s best to leave your shoes by the door, outside, or in a garage. You must also leave your coat far from the items that below to you or family members. If possible, separate your outerwear from the rest of the belongings of your family.  

Hand hygiene 

Practice frequent hand washing using warm water and soap for 20 seconds whenever anyone enters your house. You can also make your kids interested in handwashing by letting them sing “Happy Birthday” twice to achieve the right amount of time to guarantee that the virus is eliminated.  

Isolate sick individuals 

When someone in your house is sick, get them self-isolated as soon as possible. If someone is ill, make sure not to share personal items to prevent acquiring the virus.  

Regular health checks 

Make sure to take your temperature at least two times per day. If you don’t have a thermometer, you can always monitor whether you’re feeling feverish. When you feel like you’re about to get sick or you’re sick, make sure to stay home. Cover your mouth as you sneeze or cough as much as possible. You can teach your kids to cough into their elbows rather than their hands or use tissues.  

Disinfecting high-touch areas 

It is a must to use Fresno symptoms and clean the high-touch areas in your home regularly and make it a habit. You can utilize a sanitizing spray or a combination of water, soap, and disinfecting wipe. Though you have to be cautious about “natural” and “organic” products as they cannot kill viruses at 100%. If unsure, don’t hesitate to ask for the professional cleaners’ help to guarantee a safe home to stay in all the time.  


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